Reasons Your Claim Is Denied

Many people who file an application for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) end up having their claim denied. In many situations, the claim is denied because Social Security did not get enough medical opinions, records and other evidence to show just how severely the medical conditions and medical impairments limit the ability to work.

Unfortunately, a denial can result in lengthy waiting periods for appeals or to start a new claim. The longer you must wait on the appeals process, the longer you and your family lack the funds you could be receiving from Social Security.

Let the attorneys at Manring & Farrell handle the legal steps needed to help you win your claim. Since 1991, we have assisted tens of thousands of adults, children and families all over Ohio in getting the help they deserve from Social Security. Our lawyers know the common mistakes that are made and can help you prepare a successful claim.

Why Was My Disability Claim Denied?

Some of the most common reasons for getting a Social Security Disability or SSI denial include:

Insufficient medical proof— Social Security reviews all medical documentation that accompanies the claim to determine if the individual is able to work, not only in his or her current job, but also if he or she could get a different job. Many times Social Security just does not get the records that are important to explain why you cannot work a full-time job eight hours per day, five days per week. We will help you get the records and medical documents that prove how bad your limitations are and how they prevent you from working at any job.

Age — Social Security will often assume that if you are under the age of 50, you are still able to work. Even those between 50 and 55 years of age are presumed not to be disabled if they are able to do what is called "light work." Our attorneys can help you show Social Security that your age is not an excuse to deny your claim, and will help show that your physical and mental conditions are limiting your ability to work, regardless of how old you are.

Work history — Many times Social Security asks incomplete questions about your work history, or uses forms that do not allow you to give all the important information. This can actually work to your disadvantage by making it appear that your job was not as hard or demanding as it really may have been. We will help give Social Security a clear understanding of all your relevant work history and help explain how demanding the work was — physically and mentally. We will help make sure Social Security has the information they need to show why you cannot do your old work or other types of work.

SSD benefits are not a handout – These benefits are based on taxes you paid when you were able to work. You earned the right to get these benefits. Our firm is built on a commitment to helping hardworking individuals receive the SSD benefits that they need and deserve. We provide a caring approach, we are highly accessible to our clients, and we are involved in each step of the process.

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