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After completing military service for their country, many veterans seek the medical assistance and Veterans benefits they were promised. Whether these men and women served in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other conflict, the VA should be a resource they can turn to as they transition back to life at home. Unfortunately, it is often very hard – sometimes impossible - to get the VA to pay veterans the benefits they are due.

The law firm of Manring & Farrell is dedicated to helping veterans and other individuals obtain the Veteran's disability benefits and Social Security Disability benefits they need to pay for their medical needs and other expenses. Our Columbus Veterans disability benefits lawyers will prepare you for what to expect in your claim, and stand by your side through the entire claim process for both service-connected and non-service-connected disabilities.

If need be after you have received your first rating decision, we can help file your appeal, get as much evidence as necessary to make your claim as strong as possible and help you through the appeal process. If you did not file an appeal and more than a year has passed, we may be able to help you reopen the claim. At all times, we provide you with the personal attention you need while navigating the complicated Veterans benefits system.

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In addition to the difficult nature of Veterans benefits claims, it often takes many years just to get through the claim process. Although some situations are straightforward, such as those involving amputation of a limb, others are not. Many claims are denied and others are awarded the lowest possible rating on the first try. Cases involving a shrapnel injury, cut or severed nerves, illness caused by herbicide exposure, improvised explosive device (IED) injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and partial loss of the use of limbs are just a few of the serious injuries that are routinely overlooked or downgraded during the claim process.

Despite these daunting odds, Veterans must not give up. The two most important things you can do are:

  1. Keep fighting for the benefits you deserve
  2. Hire an attorney who can guide you through the VA claim process

For more information, visit our Veterans Disability FAQ.

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