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Foot issues may lead to disability benefits

Ohio residents or others who experience foot drop could be declared unable to work because of a disability. In most cases, foot drop in itself is not a reason to allow a person to obtain disability benefits. However, it could be used to show that he or she has a neurological or musculoskeletal condition that may make it difficult or impossible to hold down a job. Generally speaking, medical evidence will be used to determine if this is the case.

Medical evidence could include a note from the doctor who has treated an individual asking for benefits. The note will ideally include the different treatment methods used to help overcome the condition as well as how a person has responded to those treatments. Those who are applying for disability benefits should also include test results or images of the foot itself to help bolster a claim of drop foot.

The person who examines an application may spend time studying a person’s work record in addition to any medical records provided. In some cases, an individual may be able to return to a job that he or she has held in the past. An examiner may also look to see if an applicant is able to do any other types of jobs.

Individuals who are seeking SSD benefits may want legal assistance doing so. An attorney may help an applicant obtain or organize medical records needed to get a request for benefits approved. If an application is denied, legal counsel may work to ensure that a person files an appeal as opposed to sending in a new original application. He or she may also ensure that an appeal is filed in a timely manner.