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Can you get disability benefits for depression?

Ohio residents like you may suffer from disabling mental health issues. Over the years, mental disorders have received more attention and legitimacy as disabilities. Now, you can file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if you suffer from certain mental health issues.

Does depression fall among the listed categories? If so, are there any standards you must meet to qualify for these benefits?

Depressive, bipolar and related disorders in SSD

Social Security lists mental disorders that may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. There are 11 categories of mental disorders which qualify for benefits. Among them is a category for depressive, bipolar and related disorders.

By definition, you can categorize these disorders by a depressed, elevated, irritable or expansive mood. In other cases, a loss of pleasure and interest in most or all activities cause you to struggle with daily functions.

Some types of disorders in this category include cyclothmic disorder, persistent depressive disorder and major depressive disorder. It also includes depressive disorders brought on because of other medical conditions.

What you need for benefit consideration

You must submit evidence for Social Security to evaluate your eligibility. This can include laboratory findings, psychological testing, and your medical and psychiatric history. It also includes records of medication and therapies you have tried or are currently using. On top of this, you can include evidence from people who interact with you on a daily basis. You can also include evidence from work, school or vocational training.

Together, this helps paint a coherent picture of how your disorder affects your daily life. From here, Social Security can decide what benefits to grant.