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The value of the Ticket to Work program

Recipients of social security disability benefits in Ohio may desire to return to work as they learn to effectively manage their disability. Valuable resources designed to provide support and career guidance can facilitate the process of returning to work.

The Ticket to Work program is an excellent resource, provided for free, that gives SSD recipients access to a host of information regarding career development and financial independence.

Benefits while working

According to the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work, people working toward employment are often still eligible for receiving benefits. While there are earning caps and factors that impact a person’s eligibility to receive benefits while working, it will require time and effort for an injured person to get to the point where that kind of earning potential is possible.

While the SSA periodically runs a Continuing Disability Review to assess benefits eligibility, they cannot require that assessment during a person’s participation in the Ticket to Work program.

Incentives to work

The SSA has created a few incentives to encourage people who desire to return to work, to accomplish their goals. According to the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work program, these incentives include the following:

  • Expedited reinstatement
  • Trial work period
  • Protection from medical continuing disability reviews

The value of incentives enables people to transition back into a career with the potential to continue receiving benefits and other support services. Their ability to maintain these benefits will vary depending on their medical condition, their earning potential and other factors specific to their situation. People desiring to revisit the work scene should communicate their intentions to the SSA to avoid the disappointment of unintentionally negating their benefits.