Ohio Social Security Disability And SSI Legal Blog

What is a disability freeze?

Social Security Disability Insurance is an entitlement program. This means that people who receive benefits in this matter have worked for them. Another example of an entitlement program is traditional Social Security.

As a result, just like with “regular” Social Security, how much money you make over the course of your career determines how much the government will give you in disability benefits. One way to ensure that you maximize your disability payments is to use a disability freeze. A disability freeze is when the Social Security Administration “pauses” your work and earnings history.

When would I use a disability freeze?

Depending on the nature of your disability, you may be physically able to continue to work for a while despite it, but not as hard as before. An example would be going blind. There will be a period of time where the person in question will be partially blind and still able to work, but it is unlikely that he or she will be able to work at the same capacity as when he or she had full sight.

This is when you would use a disability freeze. Putting a pause on your earnings history when you are at full working capacity will maximize the amount of money the government will give you in disability benefits.

How can I get a disability freeze?

A disability freeze does not happen automatically. You must specifically contact the Social Security Administration and request one. It is possible to get a disability freeze even during a period of time when you are not receiving Social Security Disability benefits.