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Avoid these 3 mistakes when applying for SSDI

Many Ohio residents with disabilities feel frustrated when they apply for Social Security Disability Insurance only to have their claims denied. While many first-time applicants do have their SSDI claims denied by the U.S. Social Security Administration, many of them also make similar mistakes during the application process. Recognizing where others go wrong should help you avoid making similar mistakes yourself.

Per Medical News Today, you should try to avoid making these three common errors when applying for SSDI.

Mistake 1 – Not understanding the process

Applying for SSDI takes time and patience. Even if the SSA does approve you for benefits, you have to wait a set period before receiving your first check. You also have to have a substantial enough work history in a position covered by Social Security to potentially qualify for benefits in the first place. Studying up on the process should help you get a realistic sense of the timeline and steps involved in applying. It should also give you an idea of how to proceed after a denied SSDI claim.

Mistake 2 – Navigating the process alone

When you apply for SSDI without legal representation or the help of a government entity, you face a higher chance of receiving a denial in response to your claim.

Mistake 3 – Over- or understating your disability

You have to meet a strict definition of “disability” to become eligible for SSDI. Sometimes, people live with a condition for so long that they learn to adapt to life with it, which may lead them to understate their disability and have their SSDI claims denied. In other cases, applicants overstate their disabilities, but this, too, may lead to problems and processing delays.

By avoiding these common errors and making sure you meet all deadlines, you may be able to boost the chances of having your SSDI claim approved.