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Adult children, disability benefits and substantial earnings

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | disabled adult child benefits

If you are the parent of an adult child struggling with a disability that prevents them from working, you likely have to work through various hurdles on a regular basis. For example, your child could face immense financial pressures due to their inability to work and your entire family could have many questions.

Sometimes, disability benefits for children end when they reach 18, but there are a number of situations where adult children can receive disability benefits based on their parent’s earnings record. Moreover, it is vital to understand key terms that impact eligibility, such as substantial earnings.

Substantial earnings and SSD eligibility

According to the Social Security Administration, some disabled adult children can receive disability benefits even if they never worked. However, you need to go over a number of eligibility requirements. For example, if you have an adult child with a disability and you want to pursue SSD benefits, they cannot have substantial earnings.

In 2021, the SSA considers monthly earnings of over $1,310 substantial, and earnings in excess of this amount disqualify a disabled adult child for disability benefits. Furthermore, the SSA raises the threshold from year to year.

Some adult children can receive SSD benefits on their own record

Sometimes, disabled adult children can receive disability benefits on their own record. However, it is very important to determine whether the payments could increase if they received benefits based on their parent’s earnings record.

Whether you worry about your child losing benefits or you want to determine their eligibility, make sure you carefully review your options and factors that could affect the case.