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How does the federal review process work for SSD?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | appeals for ssd and ssi cases

After receiving a denial from the Social Security Administration for Social Security disability benefits, you have the right to seek additional review of your case. You may be able to get a reversal or reach some type of agreement on your case that is beneficial to you.

According to the SSA, one part of the appeals process is requesting a federal court review. This is the last option you have in the appeals process. You can request a federal court review if you do not get the results you want with the Appeals Council.


You must pay a fee to file your appeal with the federal court. You will file in the district in which you live or where you have your business. If you do not live or work in a district, then you will file in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

When you file, you must send copies of your complaint and the summons from the court to the SSA. You must send them certified or registered mail. You will address them to the General Counsel for the SSA.


You must file for a federal court review within 60 days of receiving the notice from the appeal’s court of denial or unfavorable decision. The Office of Appellate Operations will prepare the record of this determination for the court.

Remember, this is a civil action. You do not have the right to an attorney appointed by the court. You will need to secure your own legal representation. You will also need to follow all court rules for filing and sending your documents.