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Which individuals do not qualify for Supplemental Security Income?

An injury left you disabled and unable to earn a living. While you look into qualifications for receiving Supplemental Security Income, do not forget to learn which persons do not qualify for the program. That way, you know where and how to focus your energy on supporting your financial health.

The Social Security Administration explains individuals who cannot receive SSI. You may not want to spend time and resources applying for a program for which you do not qualify.

Unsatisfied felony or arrest warrant

Anyone with an unsatisfied arrest or felony warrant cannot receive SSI as long as the warrant goes unsatisfied. Specific warrants include flight risk, escape from law enforcement custody and flight to escape confinement or prosecution. The administration does not offer retroactive payments.

Jail or prison

SSI recipients who go to jail or prison become ineligible for benefits for an entire calendar month while confined. The administration does not provide retroactive benefits payments for months leading up to a recipient’s incarceration. Instead, it withholds retroactive payments until the person offers proof of release.

Giving away resources

Persons guilty of selling or distributing personal assets for less than their worth to qualify for the SSI resource limit may face program ineligibility for 36 months.

Moves out of the U.S.

SSI recipients who move out of the U.S for an entire calendar year lose their eligibility, and the same applies to those who move out of the country for at least 30 days in a row. This does not apply to children of military parents stationed overseas or students studying overseas temporarily.

Understanding more about the SSI program may help address your fears and concerns. Hopefully, you know where to turn and what to do to take care of yourself while disabled.