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Are SSDI benefits available for early-onset Alzheimer’s?

When you think about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, you may contemplate a neurological condition that afflicts older individuals. While these conditions are more common with the elderly, they can develop in those as young as 30.

Early-onset Alzheimer’s, which typically appears when a person is between 30 and 60, impairs cognitive thinking, memory and behaviors. While scientists have not yet determined what causes early-onset Alzheimer’s, the prognosis is not good for most. That is, the disease is a progressive one that almost always worsens over time.

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits

If you have early-onset Alzheimer’s, you may worry about your current or future ability to work. After all, you need command of your mental faculties to do your job. Fortunately, if you have a sufficient number of work credits, you may be able to take advantage of the fast-track processing of your application for SSDI benefits.

Fast-track benefits processing

The Social Security Administration maintains a list of compassionate allowance conditions. Adjudicators presume conditions on this list are severe enough to meet the statutory definition of “qualifying disability.” If you have an early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis, you may receive SSDI benefits in as little as one month without having to jump through the same hoops that are familiar to other applicants.

Valuable evidence

To qualify for rapid processing of your SSDI benefits application, you need an early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis. You also must submit relevant evidence to document your condition. This evidence may include the following:

  • Your medical records
  • An evaluation showing your deterioration
  • A completed Activities of Daily Living report
  • Your Clinical Dementia Rating
  • The results of your Mini-Mental State Examination
  • Other records that prove your condition

Ultimately, even though your early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis is likely to change your life forever, knowing you have a straightforward path to receiving SSDI benefits may give you some peace of mind.