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Reviewing the size of the SSD program

If you receive disability benefits, or if you need assistance following a recent incident that left you unable to work, it is helpful to go over statistical data on the Social Security Disability program. This massive program helps many disabled people across the country, providing peace of mind and a sense of stability amid serious physical, mental and financial hardships.

Every year, these benefits allow people struggling with disabilities to support themselves and their loved ones, even though they have lost the ability to work.

Data on the SSD program

The Social Security Administration states that the SSD program has offered benefits to disabled workers since 1956. In 2019, close to 10 million people received benefits through this program. In fact, the SSD program paid more than $11 billion to disabled beneficiaries in December 2019 alone. For many disabled workers, this program serves as a lifeline. Unfortunately, some people do not realize that they are eligible or they decide not to pursue the benefits they desperately need.

Data on SSD recipients

The Social Security Administration reports that more than 679,000 disabled workers received SSD benefits during 2019, making up 86% of all SSD beneficiaries. More recipients were in their 50s than any other age group and men accounted for under 51% of all beneficiaries. The average SSD payment was more than $1,250 per month and more beneficiaries struggled with connective tissue diseases and musculoskeletal diseases (33%) than any other type of disease.

If you cannot work due to a disability, it is vital to determine if this program can help you. Review your eligibility and familiarize yourself with the application process.