Ohio Social Security Disability And SSI Legal Blog

Who can apply for SSI and how can they do so?

If you are in need of additional income to make ends meet, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of applying for Supplement Security Income.

Here is some information to help you get started with the process.

Who can apply?

SSI is available to all qualifying United States citizens. Additionally, certain non-citizens may qualify. Applying for this assistance is free of charge.

When should you apply?

You can apply at any time for SSI. Benefits are not paid for the timeframe before your application, so the earlier you apply, the better. When you call the Social Security Administration and file your application within 60 days of the call, the date of the earliest phone call could count as your filing date.

The SSA does everything in its power to contact applicants who do not attend the appointments they make. If they are unable to reach you to reschedule, they send a letter to the address on file. The letter typically informs you that you have 60 days from the date of the letter to file an application and still utilize the date of original contact as the application date.

How do you apply?

There are several ways to apply for SSI. you can:

  • Visit the website to apply online
  • Call SSA
  • Have someone else call SSA on your behalf
  • Phone your local office to schedule a telephone appointment

Though anyone can apply for SSI, not everyone’s application gets approved. Many people go through the process of applying multiple times before they receive benefits.