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Can a person with PTSD qualify for disability

Post-traumatic stress disorder has a spectrum of symptoms, and many can be debilitating.

If you suffer from PTSD following a traumatic event and find that it inhibits your ability to function day to day, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

PTSD as a disability

The Social Security Administration recognizes PTSD as a disability. It may impact your ability to hold down a full-time job and even carry out daily responsibilities. The first thing you need to do before applying for SSD benefits is to ensure you meet the medical qualifications listed in the SSA’s Blue Book for PTSD conditions and the work requirements outlined by the SSA.

They calculate your work credits by how long you worked and how old you are. You can earn as many as four credits per year. When you meet all the requirements, the SSA considers you disabled.

Applying for disability benefits

To apply for benefits, you need proper medical documentation. This includes all medical documents, such as hospital records and clinical notes from doctors, counselors and therapists. You can ask your doctors to complex a Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation to thoroughly record how PTSD affects your daily life and establishes what you are able to do despite your disability and what you cannot do because of it. The RFC evaluation shows the SSA why you cannot work full-time.

When you file a disability benefits claim, the more medical documentation you present, the more likely it is that you will receive approval. The amount varies case by case.