Ohio Social Security Disability And SSI Legal Blog

What is supplemental security income?

As an Ohio resident who has been injured or disabled to the point of being unable to work, there are still financial options available that can allow you to support yourself. Today, Manring & Farrell will discuss one of them: supplemental security income.

Also known as SSI, supplemental security income works similarly to social security disability (SSD). The main difference is that you don’t need to have been employed in order to qualify for the benefits. However, some requirements remain the same. For example, in order to qualify for both SSI and SSD, you must be unable to work and have a disability. In addition, for SSI qualification, you can’t have assets that are worth more than a certain set amount.

In order to get SSI benefits, you will need to make a claim. The court has the ability to deny your claim, but that does not have to be the end of the process for you. In fact, you can take your appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if your case is strong enough. Fortunately, going to such extreme measures is usually not necessary and the battle will often take place in lower tier courts.

Are you dealing with a matter that involves supplemental security income? Have you already made a claim but were denied? Are you still trying to decide whether or not you are eligible for a claim? Regardless of where you are in the process, you could benefit from taking a look at our webpage on SSI, linked above.