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Denied SSD And SSI Claims

Thousands of SSD and SSI applicants face the disappointment of denials each year, turned down for inconsistencies or mistakes made by Social Security. The process is much more difficult and complicated than it may seem with forms, required documentation and strict rules about what things Social Security will consider. There is plenty of room for error.

We provide free initial consultations to individuals throughout Lebanon, providing you legal help in the SSD and SSI claims process and for any appeals that may be required. To learn more about how our attorneys can help you get the SSD or SSI benefits you deserve, please contact our Lebanon, Ohio, law office today at 513-934-0893.

By Your Side Throughout The Appeals Process

Unfortunately, denials can result in lengthy waiting periods to appeal the decision — time without benefits for you and your family as you are out of work. The attorneys of Manring & Farrell provide skilled help through this process, committed to helping you obtain an approved claim and the benefits you need. We represent both initial claims, as well as appeals of claims that have been denied.

Our lawyers will assist you in putting together a successful claim. We understand what Social Security will consider before approving a claim. This includes making sure that all facts are presented about your conditions and limitations, including medical records, documentation and doctor opinions. We understand the claims process from start to finish and can apply that knowledge to your specific situation and circumstances, helping you get the benefits you need.

Social Security Denial — The SSD And SSI Appeals Process

If your claim has been denied, we are ready to fight on appeal. Our lawyers travel to hearing offices all over Ohio, including Columbus, Lima, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati and Dayton, to attend hearings. We also attend hearings in Wheeling and Parkersburg, West Virginia. We will be at the hearing with you. We will explain what to expect and provide you with the representation you need to make your record. Also, our attorneys have handled appeals for both SSD and SSI claims throughout the federal and appellate courts, successfully winning claims for our clients on appeal.

If you had a hearing but were denied by a judge, we will see if we can save your case for you — even if another lawyer represented you at the hearing or if you had no attorney or representative at all. Other attorneys commonly refer clients to us after they have been unsuccessful in obtaining an approval for the client, trusting us to help in the appeals process.

Getting Denied Is Not The End

To learn more about how our attorneys can help you get the SSI benefits you deserve, contact our Columbus, Lebanon or Lima SSD benefits attorneys online or by calling 513-934-0893 for a free consultation.