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Benefits for disabled widows or widowers

Some Ohio residents worry that they may be left without Social Security benefits if their spouse were to pass away. However, the widow or widower of someone who received Social Security disability or Social Security retirement benefits might be able to continue receiving these benefits in certain situations.

Survivor’s or widow’s benefits are monthly benefits that a surviving spouse can continue to receive after their loved one passes away. They cannot receive survivor’s benefits during the month that their spouse died, however. If benefits are sent during that month, they must be returned to the Social Security Administration. The agency will then determine whether the widow is eligible to continue receiving survivor’s benefits.

Disabled widows or widowers may be eligible to receive survivor’s benefits beginning at age 50 instead of waiting until they are 60 or older. Surviving spouses may also qualify for a death benefit of $255, which is a one-time payment from the Social Security Administration. Survivor’s benefits are meant to ensure that surviving spouses will not be left destitute after their loved ones pass away.

A widow or widower might want to talk to a Social Security disability lawyer about the benefits that might be available. Legal counsel could help them to access survivor’s benefits. If the client is dealing with a disability, the lawyer might help them expedite the process. They might also help the client apply for Social Security disability based on their own earnings records if this would lead to more benefits. Ultimately, the lawyer could look out for the best interests of the client.