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How can I avoid delays in the appeals process?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | appeals for ssd and ssi cases

When dealing with Social Security benefits, delays happen due to various things. Some may be out of your control, but other delays may be due to something you do.

The Social Security Administration explains that there are some things you can do to help move your hearing along and prevent delays. When you do your part, it makes it easier on everyone and prevents issues that could mean you end up waiting even longer for a decision and potentially the payment of your benefits.

Report address changes

Keep SSA aware of any changes in your address. The SSA will send important papers and information to the address it has on file. If you fail to update your address, you may not get documents or you may face a delay in getting documents that causes you to miss deadlines.

Avoid rescheduling

Do not reschedule your hearing. The SSA has a tight schedule and sets hearing dates a few months ahead of time. If you reschedule it will push your hearing date month into the future, which will delay your ability to get benefits if your appeal is successful. Make sure you avoid anything that could delay your hearing, such as choosing a representative, if you will use one, ahead of time to allow him or her the chance to prepare without a need to reschedule.

Submit evidence early

Submit new evidence early. You will have a few months in which to gather medical evidence and other documents you may need at your hearing. Take this time to prepare and do it early. The SSA will need to have any new evidence at least five days prior to your hearing. It is possible, in some cases, that the evidence you provide will result in a new decision prior to the hearing, so getting it in early can be advantageous to you.  If you fail to get it in on time, your hearing could face a delay.