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What determines SSI benefits for disabled children?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | disabled adult child benefits

Ohio children have negligible sources of income. Because of that, the SSA looks at more than income when determining eligibility. They look at the collective resources of the household. This is true even for children who leave home for school but return to it.

So what happens for disabled children? Even if they are an adult child, what does this mean for you? Today we will look at the answer to this question.

Criteria to be eligible for SSI benefits

Social Security’s website discusses disability benefits for children through guardians. They mention that SSA looks at income of the household in general. How does the SSA determine your eligibility for benefits? The child of a household must meet several criteria. This includes having:

  • A condition that results in “marked and severe functional limitations”
  • A condition that was disabling for 12 months
  • A condition that doctors expect will disable them for 12 months or end in their death
  • Not working or making above a certain amount of money per month

Applying for disability

After determining you meet these criteria, you may apply for disability. The SSA officer handling your case may ask for more information. They will see how their disability affects daily duties. They may ask for statements or paperwork from therapists, physicians, teachers and more. SSI interviews encourage you to bring medical and school records for this reason. You must also bring your child’s birth certificate. Finally, bring proof of household income, too.

Understand it takes anywhere from three to five months or more for the agency to come to a conclusion. If you go into the interview knowing this, you will not suffer from any unwarranted surprises.