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Do you know these common disabled adult child benefits questions?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | disabled adult child benefits

You want to take proper care of your disabled adult child. To that end, you do your research on disability benefits. Do you have answers to some of the most common questions?

Learning popular questions and their answers can help you navigate securing benefits for your child. Arm yourself with proper knowledge to help give your daughter or son a good life.

Can disabled adult children already receiving SSI or disability benefits qualify for more benefits?

Adult children already receiving disability or SSI benefits on their own record could qualify for additional benefits under a parent’s earnings records. If successful, the child could qualify for higher benefits or Medicare.

Will benefits end if a disabled adult child marries?

In most cases, a disabled adult child who received benefits since childhood loses those benefits upon getting married. Exceptions exist, such as if the child marries another disabled adult. For more information about rules and additional exceptions, contact a Social Security representative.

What qualifies as a disability for an adult child?

The Social Security Administration uses the same evaluation method for children 18 and older as they do with adults when determining disability status. The SSA sends all applications to a state Disability Determination Service to render a disability verdict.

Are adults disabled before age 22 eligible for child benefits?

A person disabled before turning 22 could qualify for child’s benefits if she or he has a deceased parent or a parent who receives disability or retirement benefits. Even then, the child must be at least 18, unmarried and have a disability sustained before turning 22.

The SSA is a prime source of information regarding benefits for disabled adult children. They can help clear up your confusion and answer your additional questions.