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SSDI benefits for military veterans

In addition to the benefits they receive through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, military veterans may also have eligibility for assistance through the Social Security Administration. Due to their service, military service members and veterans may suffer disabling injuries or conditions. Such disabilities may affect their ability to continue serving, as well as their other employment options and abilities.

To help ensure they receive the benefits they earned, it may help military veterans to understand their rights and what assistance they may deserve.

Qualifying for benefits

According to the SSA, disabled military veterans who meet the eligibility requirements may qualify for SSDI benefits. Like other SSDI recipients, veterans seeking these benefits must lack the ability to perform substantial work due to their medical conditions. Additionally, their disabling conditions must have lasted at least one year or have the expectation of resulting in death.

Receiving benefits

If approved for SSDI, military veterans may receive monthly payments and Medicare coverage. While monthly payments may begin upon approval, Medicare kicks in after 24-months of receiving SSDI benefits.

Expediting the process

According to the SSA, veterans filing for SSDI benefits may receive expedited processing of their claims. Social Security may treat claims for veterans with 100% permanent and total disability ratings through the VA as high priority. The administration may rush such claims through the application process, so veterans may receive their benefit determinations more quickly. The time it may take to process expedited claims depends on various factors, including the nature of the disability, whether the claimant requires a medical examination, and how long it takes to receive claimants’ medical records and evidence.

Military veterans with service-connected disabilities give up a lot due to their enlistments. Therefore, they should know what benefits they deserve and how to go about receiving them.