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Taking a look at statistics on SSD benefits

If a serious disability prevents you from working, you need to explore all of your options. Every year, many people find themselves unable to work due to job-related accidents, motor vehicle collisions and a host of other reasons. People in this position often experience significant financial challenges as well as emotional hurdles. 

Fortunately, some disabled individuals who have lost the ability to work can restore a sense of normalcy in their lives by receiving Social Security Disability benefits. It is helpful to review statistics on this program and review the application process carefully if you believe that you are eligible. 

How many people receive SSD benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 10 million people received SSD benefits over the course of 2019. Among disabled beneficiaries, disabled workers accounted for a majority of those who received benefits (89%). Moreover, more than 870,000 disabled workers lost their benefits during 2019. For disabled workers, the average age of recipients was 55 years old.  

How much do SSD recipients receive?

The SSA reports that in December 2019, disabled beneficiaries received nearly $11.7 billion in benefits from this program. Furthermore, disabled workers received $1,257 per month, on average. There are a host of factors that can affect the amount of benefits you receive if you are eligible for this program. Moreover, there are numerous factors that impact your ability to receive SSD benefits. 

When it comes to SSD eligibility and benefits, everyone is in a unique situation. Make sure you go over the details of your circumstances and approach the process of applying for SSD carefully in order to increase your chances of success.