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How to appeal an SSI denial

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | appeals for ssd and ssi cases

If you applied for Supplemental Security Income and received a denial, you may be wondering what your options are. The first thing to do is determine the reason for the denial.

There are specific eligibility requirements that you must meet to get SSI benefits, and some denials relate to those. However, if you feel you are eligible for benefits, it is worth going through the appeal process.

Eligibility requirements for SSI

According to the Social Security Administration, there are numerous requirements necessary to apply for Supplemental Security Income. Some of these include:

  • Someone who is 65 years of age or older, has a disability or is blind
  • Limited resources and income
  • S. citizenship or is an alien in a specific category and resides in the U.S. or Mariana Islands the majority of the year
  • Applies for all available payments and benefits
  • Files an SSI application

Appeal process

If someone chooses to appeal a denial, the National Center on Law and Elder Rights discusses the steps one needs to take. The first step is to request a reconsideration by filing Form 561 or Form 789. If the reviewer denies the reconsideration, the next step is to request a hearing in front of a judge by filing Form 501.

If you disagree with the judge’s decision, you can file Form 520 to request an appeal with the Appeals Council. If, after reviewing the evidence, the council still denies it, the last option is to file a civil action with your area’s U.S. District Court.

For all stages of the appeal process, meeting deadlines is important. For each step, you must take action within 60 days of receiving the previous decision.