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Be specific when describing your job history

If you have suffered an injury or illness that makes it impossible to work, applying for Social Security Disability is an option. Since it is possible that the Social Security Administration will deny your application, you should avoid mistakes in your application like being too vague when describing your work history.

Medical News Today details why leaving out certain information about your job in your benefits application may be to your detriment.

Describe expectations for your work

Social Security will want to know how your disability interferes with your ability to work. When you fill out your application, you must be specific in explaining why you cannot work. To do so, you first should describe what your job requires.

For example, if you are a truck driver, you should point out how long your workplace requires you to drive per shift. If your job requires manual labor like lifting or pulling, you should explain specifically what your employer requires you to do.

Describe how your disability affects you

Once you have explained your work requirements, you can point out how your disability makes it impossible to fulfill them. If you have severe back pain, you probably cannot lift or handle equipment or inventory the way your job requires you to. If you cannot drive a truck for a full shift without experiencing pain or fatigue, you should point that out in your application.

An accurate application may avoid rejection

Sometimes applicants do not explain what they do at the workplace and how their disability stops them from performing. If you are too vague about what you do at work, Social Security may believe you can still meet the requirements of your job and deny your application.

Your disability application should present an accurate picture of your situation. If Social Security administrators get the wrong idea, they may reject you for benefits when you are in great need of them. Providing the proper information may help you avoid this outcome or at least create a solid foundation to appeal a denial.