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How do SSI work incentives work?

Supplemental Security Income work incentives are available for disabled or blind recipients. They can help you to get back to work more easily.

The Social Security Administration explains it offers a range of work incentives.

Impairment-related work expenses

IRWEs are expenses you may have because of your disability that allow you to work. The SSA allows you to deduct them from your earnings. There is a requirement that the expenses are reasonable and that they are not something someone else reimburses you for.

Earned income exclusion

Part of the work incentive program is that the SSA will not count the first $65 of your earnings against you. It also only counts $1 for every $2 you earn.

For students who are under the age of 22, the SSA does not count the first $1,930 earned in a month or up to $7,770 a year.

Ticket to work

Ticket to work provides you opportunities to get employment services and support for free. You can use these services to help you prepare for or find employment.

Plan to achieve self-support

PASS allows you to set aside part of your income to help you reach a goal related to work. This money does not count when SSA figures your benefits. You cannot use SSI to go towards PASS.

The goal of work incentives is to assist you in any way possible while preserving your benefits so you can get on your feet. You can find out about how each option works and see what might help you once you begin receiving SSI benefits.