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How does a disabled adult child qualify for benefits?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | disabled adult child benefits

Social Security benefits do not only help the individual who has the account but also his or her family. If you have a disabled child, he or she may get benefits on your account. These benefits can continue even when your child becomes an adult.

The Social Security Administration explains a disabled adult child can use a parent’s Social Security record to collect benefits even if he or she has never worked and has no record of his or her own.


It is important to understand not all disabled adult children will qualify to collect benefits. The SSA has strict requirements, as with all its programs, for these benefits.

The relationship between you and the child does not have to be parent and biological child. He or she can also be your adopted child, a grandchild and potentially a stepchild or stepgrandchild.

The child must be over 18 for adult child benefits. He or she cannot have a spouse either.

When it comes to the disabled status, the condition your child has must meet the SSA’s disability definition used for all adults. In addition, the condition must have begun before the child turned 22 years old.


Your adult child may work, but the SSA puts a limit on it. The limit is a monthly cap of earnings. For 2022, that limit is $1,350 a month. If the child is blind, it increases to $2,260. The limits change annually, and the SSA allows for deductions for some expenses.

Receiving any SSA benefits require meeting strict guidelines. If your adult disabled child wants to secure benefits on your account, it is essential to make sure he or she meets every requirement set by the SSA.