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What is the Compassionate Allowances program?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | disabled adult child benefits

If your adult child ends up dealing with a condition or injury that results in serious disability, it can feel like a scary and uncertain time. This holds especially true if you simply do not have the financial means to support them.

Social Security Disability Insurance could serve as a useful tool in these situations. You may even have the chance to expedite your application through the Compassionate Allowances program.

How does CAL work?

The Social Security Administration discusses the Compassionate Allowances program (CAL) and how it affects those who need benefits. This program exists specifically to look at cases in which quick action is a necessity. It then reduces the time it takes for benefit approval regarding certain disabilities.

The conditions that fall under this program generally must have a serious potential to degrade a person’s health and could even lead to death in some cases.  This can include adult brain disorders, some forms of cancer, and certain rare conditions.

Conditions not listed yet

The SSA has many illnesses listed on its website, but even this extensive list does not cover every possible illness. It is possible that you may not find yours on the site, but that does not mean it will never appear or get coverage.

The SSA continually updates this listing, using scientific information and data from around the world. They even take information from the public into consideration and have a space on their website for people to submit the names of diseases or impairments for consideration.

CAL is a great tool for those eligible for it, and those who need it should consider seeking it. It could even help save a life.