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Can your children get SSD benefits for your disability?

A minor who depends on a caregiver for support is adversely impacted if that person becomes disabled. The family may have difficulty paying for food, housing or other basic needs.

Children of a disabled person can apply to get disability benefits based on their parent’s records.

Eligibility requirements

To get disability benefits, a child must meet all the requirements for eligibility. A married child does not qualify. A child over the age of 18 will cannot apply unless they are a full-time student under the age of 19 and still in primary school.

A disabled child could receive benefits after passing the age of 18 if the disability started before that child reached 22.

Limits on payments

Each child of a disabled parent may get a benefit equivalent to half of the parent’s total amount. However, the social security administration caps the total payments for all family members at 150% – 180% of the full benefit amount of the disabled parent. The costs to the parent are not included in the calculation of the entire family amount allowable.

Suppose the number of children in the family causes the payout to exceed the limits. In that case, the social security administration adjusts the payments on a pro-rata basis for each child or family member. The agency does not reduce the amount paid to disabled parents as part of this calculation.

Social security disability serves as a safety net for workers and their families if a health condition curtails a person’s ability to work. Families rely on these payments to meet their expenses.