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Denied SSD claims in Ohio: The plight of an older woman

As people age, it can be hard for them to continue working. To alleviate the financial burden that comes with old age and disability, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits exist to provide some relief. However, many people in Ohio are still denied SSD claims for several reasons.

Let us consider a hypothetical story of an older woman who was denied SSD benefits.

The struggles of an elderly woman

Susan (not her real name) is a 60-year-old woman who has worked in a hospital for over 30 years as a nurse. Due to her age and declining health, she can no longer perform her job duties, which are physically demanding. Her doctor suggested that she apply for SSD benefits due to her chronic back pain, knee problems and her diagnosis of osteoarthritis.

After applying and waiting for several months, Susan received a denial letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The reason for the denial was that, according to the SSA, Susan’s condition did not meet the criteria for disability benefits.

What can Susan do?

Susan was devastated, knowing that she needed the benefits to make ends meet. She was lost on what she could do next.

Susan must know that she has the right to appeal her denial. If she is not familiar with the process, she can seek help from a legal counsel specializing in SSD claims.

How can an attorney help Susan?

An attorney familiar with the process of navigating SSD claims can help Susan, or anyone in the same situation, in gathering evidence, reviewing records and speaking with physicians. With legal guidance, organizing documents and filing the appeal can be a lot easier.

Many older individuals in Ohio face similar struggles when applying for SSD benefits. It is essential for them to know that they have the legal right to seek an appeal. A lawyer familiar with this process can help defend these people’s rights and overcome the complexities of the SSD claims process.