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Can SSD help my stepchild if I have a disability?

It’s tough to see your loved ones struggling when you cannot help them because of a medical disability. You’d want to be able to contribute in any way you can. And thankfully, if you are eligible, Social Security Disability (SSD) can provide financial assistance for you. Your family members can also be eligible to receive benefits. But what if your child is not biologically yours? Can SSD still help?

Can my stepchild receive SSD benefits on my record?

Short answer, yes! According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), your eligible children, including your stepchild, may also receive benefits on your record if you qualify for SSD benefits.

However, your stepchild must still meet basic requirements to receive the benefits, such as being unmarried and under 18. If they are older than 18, they can still qualify if the child also has a disability (must have occurred before age 22) or if the child is a full-time student (up to age 19).

How much can my stepchild get?

Like other eligible dependents, your stepchild may be eligible for up to half of the monthly disability benefit that the SSA is paying you. Just note that this may be subject to how many qualifying family members you have on your record.

Is the process the same?

Yes, you can apply for a dependent’s benefit at the same time as your application for SSD. You may also submit your applications later. In Ohio, you can apply online, by phone or in person. You may be required to submit other documents, such as your child’s birth certificate and Social Security number.

Disability benefits can provide the crucial support you need when you have a serious medical condition. Fortunately, even your stepchild can get financial assistance on your behalf. If you need help with the application process, several online resources are available to you.