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How can I appeal the SSA’s decision?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | appeals for ssd and ssi cases

Whenever workers experience disabilities or health conditions, they can rely on their Social Security benefits to help cover their basic needs. Unexpected incidents like accidents and deaths could disrupt your life and financial stability. You can apply for your benefits and receive payments based on your situation.

However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) might not always give you a favorable decision. Sometimes, it could suspend or deny your benefits after reviewing your case details. Still, the SSA receives countless applications every day, making them prone to rejecting applications that might have errors or insufficient documents. Whether their decision was intentional or by mistake, you could start an appeal if you disagree with it.

You could go through the following steps of the SSA’s appeals process:

  • Request the SSA to reconsider the decision.
  • If dissatisfied with the reconsideration outcome, you could request a hearing with a judge.
  • The judge would provide a decision after the review. If you disagree with them, you could ask for another review by the appeals council.
  • If the appeals council could not provide an agreeable decision, you could file an action at a federal district court.

The length of this process could vary depending on the results of each step. Still, keep in mind what made the SSA deny your initial application. It could help tell you what you should do next.

Understanding the SSA’s decision

The SSA typically sends a letter indicating their decision and its details. Applications often face denial because of incomplete medical records and failure to meet specific conditions for eligibility.

Learning what contributed to their decision could help you navigate the appeals process. Doing so could also help you collect additional files and prepare for other procedures as required.