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Can someone else do your Social Security application?

If you want someone else to handle — or help handle — your application to get Social Security benefits, then there is some good news. The person applying does not have to prepare everything alone.

You should typically be able to get the type and amount of help you want. This article will discuss some details you might want to know first.

Who can help with the application?

The SSA welcomes anyone who wants to help you with your application. Some examples of people who might help include:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Advocacy workers
  • Your employer
  • Legal professionals

You do not need to have anyone with any specific credentials help you prepare this document. However, knowledge of the process might help you get your benefits as soon as possible.

Can someone else do the entire application?

There is one important thing that your helper should not do when assisting you in preparing your application. Nobody else should sign the application — only you as the person who is applying.

If you are unable to sign, it might delay the application. The SSA would have to mail it to you so you can verify and sign it.

Can you get more help with the process?

There is a step beyond simply helping. You could appoint a person to be your authorized representative.

Your authorized representative would deal with Social Security for you. However, this position is slightly more involved than having someone prepare your application with you. To complete this formal process, you have to submit some paperwork to the SSA.

If you make a mistake the first time you apply, the SSA would probably reject your application. This does not always mean the end of the process — a detailed analysis of your application might reveal the solution.