Skilled Guidance Through The Applications And Claim Process

Veterans can apply by filing VA Form 21-526. For family members seeking survivors’ benefits, including a surviving spouse or a child filing an application for dependency and indemnity compensation, the form used is VA Form 21-534.

Applications should be filed at your VA regional office (we recommend all correspondence to the VA be sent by fax that gives you a receipt), although they may also be filed online at the Veteran Online Application website ( VONAPP).

How Can Manring & Farrell Help Me?

Our lawyers can evaluate your situation, talk to you about the application process and help you in the appeal process. If you have already been denied benefits — or have received a disability rating from the VA that you think is too low ( service-connected) — we can help you fight those unfavorable decisions at every level of the appeals process. And, if the VA ruled against you in a previous case, we can try to get the VA to reopen that old claim.

Manring & Farrell is proud to be able to help disabled veterans and military family members. We use the experience we have gained while representing more than 15,000 clients seeking Social Security, SSI or VA benefits.

If we can’t help you by recovering disability benefits, you don’t have to pay a fee. There is absolutely no risk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To schedule a free consultation, call 614-678-7199 or contact us online.

What Records Will I Need To Provide When I File A Claim?

Attach as many of the following documents as you have or can locate when you file your application:

  • Discharge papers (DD Form 214)
  • Dependency records (marriage and children’s birth certificates)
  • Medical evidence (doctor and hospital reports)

Other records used to support claims include veterans military service records and VA treatment records. In some cases, the VA may arrange for a veteran to have a medical examination before it makes a decision.

When Should I File?

The VA awards benefits based on the date of your application. Since there is no retroactive award of benefits before the date you file a claim, it is important to file your claim right away!

For more information, visit our Veterans Compensation FAQ page.

Experienced Attorneys Guiding You Through The Veterans Benefits Process

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