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Many veterans filed a claim for service-connected benefits but have not been able to get the government to acknowledge their claim was valid. If your first claim was denied more than one year ago and no appeal was filed, you should not give up. There are other ways to get the benefits you are owed.

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At Manring & Farrell, we have helped many clients throughout Ohio reopen old claims and obtain the benefits they were promised when they signed up to serve our country. This is a complicated process, and not every attorney has the experience needed to properly handle these types of cases. We do. Since 1991, we have practiced only in the area of disability law, and during that time, we have taken on more than 15,000 cases — many of them in situations where other attorneys refused to take the case because it was too difficult.

Today, our attorneys provide disabled veterans with the time and personal attention they deserve. We will walk you step by step through the process of reopening your claim and keep you up to date on the progress of your case.

Reopening VA Claims

The VA will reopen a final denial of a service-connected disability claim under two main circumstances:

  1. If you can show the VA that a clear and unmistakable error was made in your claim that affected the previous. This type of claim is very difficult to prove as a claimant. However, if you succeed, your start date for benefits will be the original date you filed your claim.
  2. If you can provide the VA with what it calls “new and material evidence.” The major drawback to reopening an old case this way is that you can only receive benefits from the date you filed your claim to reopen the case due to new evidence, not from the date you originally filed your claim.

We have an in-depth understanding of these and other circumstances in which the VA will reopen claims. Armed with this knowledge, our lawyers can create a strong case designed to get you the benefits you deserve.

For more information, visit our Veterans Compensation FAQ page.

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