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Veterans who served in the active military and received an honorable or general discharge are allowed to be evaluated for a medical disability that can qualify them for benefits. It can be difficult to make sure that the VA adequately assesses your disability, but there is a way to increase the likelihood of success — contact an experienced veterans benefits lawyer.

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At Manring & Farrell, we use our more than 80 combined years of experience in representing people with medical disabilities to help veterans obtain benefits related to their service-connected disabilities. Our team works in a collaborative manner that allows us to draw on the knowledge of all our attorneys. At our firm, the lawyers, not paralegals, handle your case, so that you know your case is in the hands of highly qualified advocates. When you have questions about what veterans benefits you may be entitled to, contact us for a free initial consultation and an in-depth discussion of all your options.

What Are Service-Connected Disabilities?

The disability must have originated during the time in service or have been aggravated by that time in service. The disability can be small, as low as 10 percent, or can be up to 100 percent, or individual unemployability. Depending on the percentage of disability he or she has, a veteran is entitled to monthly, nontaxable benefits for that disability. Sometimes, these benefits are called disability compensation or service-connected disability benefits.

Ohio Veterans Compensation Lawyer Helping You Understand Service-Connected Disability Rights

Service-connected benefits are payable for disabilities that are caused by either sickness or injury during military service. Almost every injury, illness or condition suffered in connection with, or made worse during, military service can be considered service-connected.

For example, your disability may be caused by something that happened while you were on active duty, or it may be due to a condition that you had before you were in the military but was made worse by your service. Even injuries that occurred off base, on leave time or under other circumstances may be covered as “service-connected” if they happened while in the military. It is not necessary that your medical condition is related to combat or military duties.

For more information, visit our Veterans Compensation FAQ page.

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