Helping You Secure Social Security Benefits

At Manring & Farrell, we have guided clients through the difficult process of filing for and receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits since 1991. We draw on our many years of legal experience and the skills we have acquired while representing more than 15,000 clients to serve as both an advocate and adviser in your SSD case. Our legal team includes one attorney who is board-certified in the field of Social Security Disability law by the National Board of Trial Attorneys.

How We Give You A Leg Up In Your SSD case

Our vast experience is matched by our commitment to providing excellent client services. We provide you with the personal attention, straightforward legal advice and compassionate counseling that you need when seeking SSD benefits. To find out more about our representation, contact us today.

Helping You At Every Step Of The SSD Process

We can help with claims at all stages of the Social Security Disability process, including:

  • Filing a new application
  • Initial application review and reconsideration
  • Hearing before an administrative law judge
  • Appeal to the appeals council
  • Appeals to federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court (if necessary)

While helping clients navigate the various stages of the SSD and SSI system, we work hard to ensure that you fully understand the process and that all of your questions are answered. Some of the most common questions our clients ask include:

  • What is a disability listing?
  • What is a severe impairment?
  • What can I do if my claim is denied?
  • How do I prove I can’t do my old job?
  • How do I prove I can’t do any other work?
  • Are children or spouses (including widows and widowers) eligible for benefits?
  • What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and how does it relate to SSD?
  • After I am approved for benefits, how long until I receive payment?

If you have these or other questions, contact us for the answers that you need to make an informed decision about your case.

For additional information, please see our FAQ.

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