Addressing Denied Claims And Stopped Benefits

Here are the answers to two common questions our clients ask us about being denied Social Security Disability benefits or what to do when your existing benefits are stopped.

If Social Security Reviews My Claim And Stops My Benefits, What Can I Do?

You should appeal immediately. If you appeal within 10 days after being notified that your disability benefits are being stopped, you can ask that your disability benefits and Medicare benefits be continued. You may also want to talk with an attorney about representation on your case, but you should file the appeal immediately.

My Doctor Says I Am Disabled And Cannot Work. Why Is Social Security Denying My Disability Claim?

Social Security says that it is not up to your doctor to determine whether you are disabled. Social Security will have its own doctors review your file — and, sometimes, will send you to an exam by one of its doctors — before making its own decision about whether you are disabled, regardless of what your doctor thinks. Remember that it is important to tell your doctors about all your medical problems — physical and emotional — so that Social Security eventually has all the information needed for your case.

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