Returning To Work Without Forfeiting Benefits

There are many ways people are allowed to try to work without giving up all the benefits for the time they are off work. Your work attempt could be considered a trial work period or an unsuccessful work attempt. Your work attempt could be specially accommodated or could be so short that Social Security does not even count it as substantial gainful activity or real work.

Should I Try To Return To Work While I Am Waiting For My Claim To Be Decided?

The decision about whether you can try to work is a decision you need to make after talking with your doctor about your medical condition and after considering many things in your family and personal life.

In general, if you are able to return to work successfully, you will usually be better off in the long run. If you try to return to work but have problems doing the job and have to stop, then that may help prove how disabled you are.

Learn The Rules

We recommend you discuss this with your attorney, as there are many rules about when you may work and how much you may earn. Each case will depend on the specific medical facts and personal issues that apply only to your case. But remember: Always let your attorney know when you attempt to return to work, no matter how long.

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